New Non-Profit, "We Called Her America," with Unique Solution to Preventing Gun Violence, Launches June 5, 2023

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Monday, June 5, 2023 at 12:15pm UTC

New Non-Profit, "We Called Her America," with Unique Solution to Preventing Gun Violence, Launches June 5, 2023

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We Called Her America, a new non-profit, attacks gun violence head-on by focusing on root causes, stakeholder training, and providing free proactive mental health services.

WILMINGTON, Del. and TORONTO, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- We Called Her America (WCHA) launched today, June 5, 2023, with a mission to deliver these services anywhere in North America, anytime, and as frequently and for as long as required by each individual's treatment plan.

The primary objective of We Called Her America is to provide a combination of training and access to mental health therapeutic services.

Training in reading body language and enhanced observation skills will be available to various stakeholders, including teachers, principals, mayors, families, and neighborhood watch members, among others.

This training aims to enable participants to recognize young people in crisis and take immediate proactive action by providing appropriate mental health services.

Founder and Executive Director Debi Vance said, "I am tired of hearing the expression, "Common Sense Gun Laws." "When will this ever happen in the current political climate of division and retaliation?"

Vance believes that human life should not be reduced to sound bites and that communities must take action to address the root causes of gun violence, as the government appears incapable of doing so.

While the Biden Administrated has invested in the mental health crisis, it is too little, too late. According to Psychiatric Times and NAIM-National Association on Mental Health, 77% of USA states report a shortage of mental health service providers. 55% of counties do not have a psychiatrist.

Despite acknowledging the mental health crisis, Trump reduced spending and investment in this area and wiped out the Obama-era initiatives, resulting in a current demand far exceeding qualified resources.

Vance said, "Our young people, those under 25, are our future. If we do not address the elephant in the room, society and the country can not move forward meaningfully and sustainably.

The fear, anger, and hate will continue, preventing viable contribution to society, happy functional family units, and workforce participation."

We Called Her America believes the available public resources are insufficient and has taken a business-oriented approach to tackle the issue.

We Called Her America has approached this issue as any forward-thinking business would. Businesses have EAPs or Employee Assistance Plans to ensure their employees can access mental health services.

The organization has selected leading Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers to deliver therapeutic services.

The WCHA providers of therapeutic services were selected from a long list of EAP service providers after researching and screening providers for over a year.

The chosen providers have committed to providing therapists with referrals from We Called Her America, regardless of quantity. This bandwidth, service quality, and success with previous clients made the selected teams the clear choice.

We Called Her America relies on donations and volunteers to fund and provide these free mental health services.

The organization seeks support from individuals who have undergone the in-house training and those who may be hesitant to venture out in public due to fear.

Donations will ensure unlimited therapeutic services are available to individuals experiencing mental health crises combined with anger, hate, or other high-risk behaviors.

By combining stakeholder training, proactive mental health services, and community involvement, We Called Her America aims to make a difference in preventing gun violence and addressing its underlying issues.

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I am tired of hearing the expression, "Common Sense Gun Laws." "When is this ever going to happen in the current political climate of division and retaliation?

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