Illuminating the Runway: The Inspiring Journey of Miss Ontario NationUniverse 2024, Bridget Edith Emily Ball

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Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 12:41am UTC

Bridget Edith Emily Ball, newly crowned Miss Ontario Nation Universe 2024, is not your average model. She has recently ventured into the modelling world, complementing her multifaceted career as a performer, multi-instrumentalist, and recording engineer. “I am fueled by my passion for self-expressive fashion and the desire to allow my personality and joy to shine through,” Bridget shares. Her enthusiasm for modelling stems from a deeper mission: to inspire authenticity and encourage others to follow their dreams. She embodies the possibility of living a joyful and significant life by walking runways, performing, creating art, and writing songs.

Photo Credits to: Frank Bokehilcious

Bridget believes that the modelling industry is undergoing a transformative shift. “We have seen a huge shift in the modelling industry towards a greater display of all expressions of humanity,” she observes. For her, modelling is about more than just showcasing clothes; it is about empowering people through the beauty of fashion. She values the industry’s growing inclusivity, where each person’s unique self can illuminate the garments they wear, and she hopes to continue promoting this evolution.

As Miss Ontario Nation Universe, Bridget plans to use her platform to support causes close to her heart. “I look forward to spotlighting causes and brands that align with my values,” she says.

As a long-distance runner, she intends to participate in charity races to raise funds for autism, immune diseases, chronic illnesses, animal rights, and environmental conservation. These causes are deeply personal to her, given her own experiences as an autistic individual and someone diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, she aims to collaborate with beloved brands and share her authentic interests with her audience while continuing to perform and tour across North America.

In five years, Bridget envisions herself as a globally successful musician, connecting with audiences through her music and walking international runways. Her entrepreneurial spirit drives her to create her own makeup line and foundations supporting the earth, human rights, and dream pursuit. She aspires to open a studio to support emerging artists, offering guidance and professional support. As a recording engineer, she dreams of innovating in the sound industry and revolutionizing business practices to help individuals achieve financial freedom while pursuing their passions.

Photo Credits to: Frank Bokehilcious

Bridget’s platform centres on authenticity and empathy. “My platform is to follow your heart, allow yourself to express who you are authentically, and the golden rule, is to treat others the way you wish to be treated,” she states. These values guide her mission to inspire others to live authentically and treat each other with kindness and respect.

Bridget is eager to participate in all the Super Chic fashion week shows, where she plans to open the show with her original song. She also looks forward to walking for various local Toronto designers. Beyond her runway ambitions, she is determined to break stereotypes about modelling and pageantry. “The stereotype of not having anything else going on besides how you look,” she says, is one she wants to dismantle. Bridget emphasizes that her beauty radiates from her joy and passion, not just her appearance. She celebrates the genuine support and camaraderie she has found among her pageant peers and aims to model this supportive network to the world.

One unique aspect of Bridget is her career as a recording engineer, a field predominantly occupied by men. She is passionate about representing women in this industry and helping others achieve their dreams. Her journey has been shaped by her experience with an immune disease, which led her to realign with her true passion for music. By following her heart and changing her mindset, Bridget has found peace and a renewed passion for life, inspiring others to do the same.

Bridget Edith Emily Ball is more than a model; she is a beacon of authenticity, resilience, and inspiration. Through her diverse talents and unwavering commitment to her values, she is illuminating the runway and beyond. Support Bridget and follow her on Instagram,@bridgewalkermusic.

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