Burnham Nationwide: Empowering Communities through Permit Expeditions

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Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 12:14am UTC

Burnham Nationwide, a leader in construction project management, permit expediting services, and code consulting, proudly spotlights its ongoing commitment to community service and excellence in building permit processes. Guided by founder Carson Kyhl, the company remains dedicated to making a difference, both in the industry and the communities it serves.

Burnham Nationwide works in over 3,000 municipalities across the United States, and has a diverse client base from Fortune 200 companies to specialized architectural and development firms.
Burnham Nationwide

Burnham Nationwide was founded with a mission to create beautiful, safe, and efficient buildings. Their dedication to excellence has led to successful projects ranging from new skyscrapers and historic landmark alterations to national retail rollouts. Their commitment to providing a special experience for every client and every project, every time drives Burnham Nationwide’s impactful contributions to the community.

Supporting Future Leaders through the ACE Mentor Program

Burnham Nationwide is proud to support the ACE Mentor Program, which promotes careers in architecture, construction, and engineering by providing students with hands-on experiences. ACE equips students, regardless of their ultimate career choice, to appreciate the built environment and thus to be better citizens of the world we build for ourselves. Through ACE, students acquire essential skills for the 21st-century workplace, including critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, information technology application, and cross-cultural communication. Many former ACE students have gone on to earn degrees in architecture, construction, and engineering and are now back in Chicago, working in the firms where they interned during high school. By sponsoring the Chicago ACE Mentor Program, Burnham Nationwide supports college scholarships for ACE students, making dreams a reality and fostering the next generation of industry leaders.

Permit Expeditor Services for an Elderly Resident

Burnham Nationwide exemplified its commitment to community service by assisting an elderly, legally blind woman from Palos Park, IL, who was struggling with the building permit process. The client had moved out of her home during a remodel to increase accessibility but faced significant delays due to permit problems. Burnham Nationwide stepped in to provide pro bono permit expeditor services tracking her permit status, providing guidelines, and assisting with necessary paperwork and contractor registration.

Navigating Illinois' home rule system, which allows municipalities to set their own building codes and permit requirements, can be confusing and cumbersome. The client's home, located in an unincorporated area of Palos Park, required adherence to Cook County's complex building codes. Burnham Nationwide’s expertise in code consulting and permit management was crucial in reorganizing her permit paperwork, resubmitting architectural plans, and liaising with Cook County officials to resolve outstanding issues. This assistance not only expedited the permit process but also ensured the client’s home met all necessary codes, providing a lasting impact on her quality of life.

The remodel aimed to make the home wheelchair accessible, a critical aspect of ADA compliance. Burnham Nationwide guided the client through registering as a general contractor and submitting a required Letter of Intent, ensuring the project could move forward. Thanks to Burnham Nationwide’s assistance, the client was able to complete her remodel and return to her home, exemplifying the company's dedication to creating long-term, positive changes in the lives of those they help.

Burnham Nationwide’s experts, such as Louie Greenebaum, are available to help businesses understand Chicago’s zoning code and secure necessary permits, ensuring compliance and success in their projects. "Lending a helping hand to those in need is not just a duty, but a privilege," says Greenebaum. "At Burnham, we believe in using our expertise in permit expediting to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. Whether it's guiding a client through the complexities of permit expediting or ensuring ADA compliance for a wheelchair-accessible remodel, we're committed to delivering results that leave a lasting impact. It's not just about completing projects; it's about fostering positive change in our communities." This guidance helps businesses thrive while maintaining the aesthetic and regulatory standards of their communities. By combining expertise in permit expeditor services, code consulting, and ADA compliance, Burnham Nationwide ensures that every project, whether commercial or residential, meets all regulatory requirements and standards, further cementing its role as a pillar in both the industry and the community.

At the heart of Burnham Nationwide's success is its people. Every employee is committed to enhancing client experiences by assuming ownership of each project from start to finish. The company’s guiding values include caring for people, leading through innovation, improving productivity, and perfecting customer service. These principles are at the core of every project, ensuring long-lasting benefits for the community.

About Burnham Nationwide

Burnham Nationwide works in over 3,000 municipalities across the United States, and has a diverse client base from Fortune 200 companies to specialized architectural and development firms. Burnham offers a systematic, professional approach that streamlines and navigates the complex planning, submission, and approval process with Building Departments and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) so you don’t have to. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Burnham is the trusted project manager for established firms that expect consistent and dependable execution for every project. Burnham obtains upwards of nearly 10,000 permits and licenses annually. The tenure of the staff, their genuine passion for safety and precision with a commitment for timely delivery, set them apart from the competition; encapsulated in their credo of “Simply Getting It Done.


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